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H-Nail Rescue Pen® (3ml)

H-Nail Rescue Pen® (3ml)

Also provides cosmetic care for nail fungal infections
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  • Effectively works with the Matrix Technology™

  • 100% natural and tested ingredients

  • 180 days guarantee

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The H-Nail Rescue Pen® is suitable to repair brittle nails and ensure healthy nail growth. The essential oils: tea tree oil, lemon oil and peppermint oil have shown antifungal properties in several recent studies. The essential oils help against existing infections and prevent further outbreaks. Thanks to Aloe Vera, the pen strengthens the nail microflora. In addition, Aloe Vera provides moisture and has a regenerative effect. The H-Nail Rescue Pen can inhibit inflammation and has an antioxidant effect at the same time.

The results speak for themselves:

The H-Nail Rescue Pen® has been successfully used by thousands of people in the UK since 2023. With a satisfaction rate of over 94%, the H-Nail Rescue Pen® is a must-have for every person with nail issues.

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You are in good company

More than 5.216 Happy Customers

Success stories

Caroline, 61

After 4.5 weeks of using the H-Nail Rescue Pen, the affected part of the nail has almost grown out completely.

Julia, 45

From severely yellow nails to beautiful white nails in just 2 months.

Kathrina, 52

The discoloration disappeared completely. Since the application started, the nails have become whiter than ever before..

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Customer Reviews

Based on 218 reviews
K. W.
So far, so good

This seems to be working. Whatever fungus I have doesn’t make my nail too thick or yellow yet, but it wound seem to almost grow out then the nail would separate from the bed again in the same spot. I figured out it was a fungus after it spread really badly to my right big toe. In both toes the white separated area went about half way down my toe. I think the medication has just prevented it from spreading so it has slowly grown out. I apply it 2-3 times a day. Every couple of weeks I scrape the surface and trim the nail and under the toe where the nail is separated to get dead skin out. You can tell that I’ve cut my nail down quite short over time to remove as much of it as possible but still have my toe be comfortable. Been using the pen for about 5 months.
It’s worth a try!

It works!

Ive had toenail fungus for several years and tried MANY treatments including 2 visits to chiropodists. This is the first treatment where I have seen improvement and diminishing. Ive just ordered my second pack. I have been applying this as per instructions.

Sarah D.

Finally I can wear open shoes and as summer’s coming it makes me even more delighted. I had a full nail affected on my right foot, and it’s gone, I am 56, recommend xx

Cynthia K

I am very satisfied 😀 My toenails already look very good! Will order the product again soon!

Julia T

Amazing! This pen is saving my fingernails! The application is so simple yet effective, unlike any other product from the pharmacy. I stumbled upon it by chance and after three weeks of using it twice a day, my nail looks better than they did after 1.5 years of using products from the pharmacy. Thank you so much for this! Best ever! Greetings