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The H-Nail Rescue Pen® (3ml)

The H-Nail Rescue Pen® (3ml)

Also provides cosmetic care for nail fungal infections
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  • Effectively works with the Matrix Technology™

  • 100% natural and tested ingredients

  • 180 days guarantee

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The H-Nail Rescue Pen® is suitable to repair brittle nails and ensure healthy nail growth. The essential oils: tea tree oil, lemon oil and peppermint oil have shown antifungal properties in several recent studies. The essential oils help against existing infections and prevent further outbreaks. Thanks to Aloe Vera, the pen strengthens the nail microflora. In addition, Aloe Vera provides moisture and has a regenerative effect. The H-Nail Rescue Pen can inhibit inflammation and has an antioxidant effect at the same time.

The results speak for themselves:

The H-Nail Rescue Pen® has been successfully used by thousands of people in the UK since 2023. With a satisfaction rate of over 94%, the H-Nail Rescue Pen® is a must-have for every person with nail issues.

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More than 5.216 Happy Customers

Success stories

Caroline, 61

After 4.5 weeks of using the H-Nail Rescue Pen, the affected part of the nail has almost grown out completely.

Julia, 45

From severely yellow nails to beautiful white nails in just 2 months.

Kathrina, 52

The discoloration disappeared completely. Since the application started, the nails have become whiter than ever before..

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Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
Susan M.
5 stars!!!

I bought the H-Nail Fungus Pen, last May (2022). I just turned 50 and I have been dealing with toe nail fungus since my late twenties. I have been on 2 different prescriptions for Lamisil and both times it did not help. I have used Penlac a few times and that did nothing. So I must admit, I was very hesitant as not even the strong prescription medications worked. But I was very diligent and applied it 3 times a day. I began May 2022. I stopped in February 2023. My fungus is completely cured. I can honestly say that I am shocked. Obviously, very happy but quite surprised. I have been on so many regimens that I never in a million years thought this could work. My nails are white and no need for nail polish in the summer any longer. I am not embarrassed to wear flip flops and it is truly wonderful. I still occasionally use it as a 'preventative' and will probably always apply a little bit here and there in hopes to keep it away forever. I can, without any hesitation at all, recommend this product with full confidence.

Sarah D.

Finally I can wear open shoes and as summer’s coming it makes me even more delighted. I had a full nail affected on my right foot, and it’s gone, I am 56, recommend xx

Josephine L

I am very satisfied with the Nail Pen! I have had nail fungus for a year and have tried many products without success. Since I started using the Nail Pen, I can see how the nail fungus noticeably recedes 😃!

Jennifer S

I have been suffering from nail fungus for about 10 years. In the past years, I have tried many products from the pharmacy and medically prescribed tablets and solutions. So far, everything has been unsuccessful. My hope of getting rid of the disgusting nail fungus was almost gone. Last summer, I came across this product by chance and was very sceptical. I also thought for a long time about whether I should order this pen or not. After reading so many reviews and writing to customer service, my hope of finally getting rid of the fungus was revived. Now I have been using the pen since the end of October and I am absolutely thrilled :) after four weeks, really good results were visible. The healthy nail is growing out beautifully and the fungus is disappearing more and more every month :). I am so excited and have recommended the pen to my family circle right away. I'm looking forward to the summer when I can finally wear open-toed shoes again and the fungus is finally history. Attached is a photo where you can see the difference after 2 months of treatment. Thank you so much to the inventors!! You are my heroes!

Lillian B

In this picture, you can see my fifth pen and my current nail after about 4-5 months of use. I think the picture speaks for itself, especially if you knew what it looked like at the beginning of the year. I had nail fungus for over 4 years and I think I've tried every product at the pharmacy. Nothing helped. I saw this product on Facebook at the end of last year, but I didn't order it because I thought it wouldn't work anyway. Then in early June, I decided to try it because I didn't have much to lose. Now I regret not doing it much earlier, then I would have dared to go to the pool on vacation in June. In summary: Thank you for this product. After over four years of nail fungus, I am not only glad to finally get rid of this sh*t, but I have also already recommended it to some friends. Really top!!